The D.e.v.a Girl eGuide Workbook

The D.e.v.a Girl eGuide Workbook

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Hey Bella, I'm so glad you're here! While healing my way back to life after an emergency brain surgery, something else happened along the way, I discovered parts of myself I had lost or didn't even know existed.

I found PEACE, HEALTH, LOVE and WHOLENESS. I also discovered a purpose for my life and a passion for helping other women find wholeness, too.

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Now here is the thing, you need determination when it comes to your vision - or it becomes too easy to give up. And you need to be CONSISTENT with writing out the plan. The EXECUTION is where the magic happens.

An idea, a vision is nothing unless you do something with it. What makes mastery is the EXECUTION on the ideas, not the ideas. No idea works unless you’re willing to plan & execute. So my question to you is this, are you READY to create the life you love?

If you look at all the great artists, athletes, CEO’s, speakers and coaches, what makes their visions and ideas come to life is their hunger and their grind. Their practice. Their work. Their sacrifice. Their passion.

You're here because you have taken the next step to begin breaking through those walls that have been holding you back and keeping you from creating the life you deserve to live.


Still having second thoughts?

Change can be overwhelming. I understand that very well.
So how about I work you through your own personal journey?
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This is for the woman who dares to honor her desires.

You have been waiting your whole life for the moment to let go. To surrender. To thrive. To shine. To create an amazing career. To create the healthiest, sexiest, best, strongest version of YOU. And to have an incredible amount of impact on the lives of so many.

This workbook is a detailed Guide to how I transformed my life, my mind, my business, my health and my lifestyle after emergency brain surgery.
Now the only question is...
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