she CAN & she WILL Group Coaching

she CAN & she WILL Group Coaching


Today more than ever, as women, we have the power and resources to create a life and business we love without selling our souls. We can do so by honoring our true selves, our real desires and by simply making a decision.

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The she CAN & she WILL Group Coaching Academy is a weekly online coaching program. It was created for Boss Bella’s who dare to dream big, discover their passion and purpose and who want to create health, wealth and freedom.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a new business owner, a stay at home mom or struggling single parent, a freelancer, a speaker, coach or student…the ‘she CAN’ Academy will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It is designed to lead and inspire you to create the business and life you love.

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Is she CAN & she WILL ACADEMY right for you?

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My Personal Note to You


Hey Bella,

I’m inviting you to take your life and business to the next level. To take back your life. Whatever happened last year is behind you. Whatever happened yesterday doesn’t matter anymore. Today is a new day and you’ve got a new opportunity to create a new YOU.

I’m Elizabeth Correia, transformational speaker, coach, author and Founder of the ‘she CAN & she WILL’ Academy. After surviving emergency brain surgery I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to heal from the inside so that I can truly show UP in life to make a much BIGGER impact.

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I know first hand what it’s like to come from a poverty mindset, to be abandoned, abused, neglected and rejected. But I also know what it’s like to make a committed decision to take your life back. I wanted to be the woman who made it happen, not the woman who watched it someone else. So I no longer apologize for wanting it all – I embrace it as my ultimate mission, God given purpose, and my big WHY.

If you’re serious about creating a business and life you love and you’re ready to live FULL and out loud, from the inside….if you’re ready to kick those toxic people and habits out the door and if you’re  serious about building a business as a leader, influencer, speaker, coach or just becoming the BEST version of you, than I’m you gal and this is the community you belong in!

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The ‘she CAN’ community is everything I wish I had when I went into business. It took way too many years for me to finally realize that I was serving myself, my family and the world ‘no good’ by giving only pieces of me. The pieces I felt  ‘safe’ sharing. I had BIG desires and DREAMS and I got tired of keeping them to myself. And this is why I started my speaking and coaching business and later Founded the ‘she CAN’ Academy.

And so my advice to you is this, you no longer have hide your gifts or be ashamed to share and make your dream life a reality. We’re here to guide you to integrate your passions, visions and gifts into your life and career, so that you can step forward to serve the world in a way that ONLY you can.

So no more putting yourself, your dreams and your gifts off! The time is NOW. That’s why you’re here…reading this. Because you want more.

Although it’s never too late,
don’t wait!
— Elizabeth Correia

Imagine Yourself

  • Doing what you love

  • Feeling healthy, fit and sexy!

  • In your own office

  • Spending more time with your family and kids

  • Speaking

  • Coaching

  • Feeling more connected, spiritual and at peace

  • Making more money

  • Enjoying a phenomenal lifestyle

  • Giving back in ways you had never imagined


If you need to chat before you make a final decision, you can schedule some time with me here. I want this program to be the right fit for YOU.

One year later, I’m an author and a business owner...
— Nakeisha Geddes

What You Get in the Academy


This is a Personal & Professional Development Community to connect with like-minded women to share goals, visions, resources and to expand your own network in a private group that will challenge you to think, vision, plan and execute.



Personal and professional development group coaching calls, goal setting and achieving, Q&A, hands on coaching & attention from me to hold you accountable and to keep the momentum going.

  • Worksheets, tools, resources

  • Weekly assignment

  • Workshops


A mastermind group of like-minded women to support you every step of the way so that you can finally feel heard and supported. By your new ‘life and business’ Boss Bella Besties…

  • Personal & Professional Development Book Club

  • Guest Speakers

  • Coaching Call Replays


Still wondering if the she CAN & she WILL ACADEMYis for you?

If you cannot commit to the weekly calls, assignments, and to showing UP, we can find a different program that will be able to help you transform your life. Learn more here.

You’ve seen what happens when a woman gives herself permission to be a BOSS Bella. Well….I’m a living proof of that!

Go ahead and set that Bella free!

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